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    Cary1234 Report

    Post  DarkWolf3864 on Wed Apr 04, 2012 7:39 pm

    Alright, so when we first joined the server, me (DarkWolf3864), Cary1234, risk400, azanNinja, and EvilNotch decided to work together and make a house together. Cary1234 made a wheat farm which was suppose to be for everyone to share (like he said). When we harvested the wheat farm and replanted the seeds, he gets mad at us because we apparently gave him too "little" food (4 bread) but we stored the remaining bread in a chest where everyone had access to which wasn't even a big deal to make a fuzz about so after that, he decided placed a gold block under his wheat farm, it prevented us from harvesting the wheat which was pretty much the only food source we had so we got mad and decided to move out and found a mushroom biome (which took an hour) and refused to let Cary1234 join us. When we claimed the mushroom biome and refused to let him join us, he somehow gets papa (that's what I heard), to teleport Cary1234 to risk400 without our permission then he attempted to build on the island but the main reason why we disapproved of this is because we fear he would repeat the same actions just like our old home so we told him to go away but he continued to refuse and decided to build right next to the mushroom biome and annoy us. When we tp'd back to our old home to bring our resources to our new home, he placed dirt around the chests followed by a diamond block so we couldn't break the dirt at all and access our chests, but after we complained about that, he removed the diamond block and dirt. Then this is where the mods/admins/owner got involved and removed his house.

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