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    Admin Application (Xazzy215)


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    Admin Application (Xazzy215)

    Post  Xazzy215 on Sat Jun 04, 2011 1:31 am

    Name: Devon.
    Ingame name: Xazzy215
    Age: 17
    Time on server: Quite new to the server, but I plan on being fairly active.
    Why you want to be an admin?: I have experience with being an adminstrator, and I believe I would be good for the job. I plan on building megaobjects in the future, and spawns would greatly help me if so. I have experience being in authority, I have been owners of other private servers, for other games. I can get my recorder sometime and probably make a advertisement video for this server. (Cracked enabled servers for 1.6.6 are in high demand right now, and I could bring in alot of traffic if the server can handle it!)
    Other thoughts: Not very much. I think I would be good for the job, I don't mind being mod or adminstrator, I love this server, and I have a great time playing minecraft. Thanks for reading, and I hope you give me some strong consideration.

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    Re: Admin Application (Xazzy215)

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