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    annoying town owner..


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    annoying town owner.. Empty annoying town owner..

    Post  th3zone on Wed Sep 11, 2013 8:42 pm

    so lately... i joined the town called killer army or something like that and the owner name is eugen100.. My in game name is th3zone.

    so at the beginning when he accepted in the town i "grief" his farm of potato... i was like we are living in the same house so i can use little food and i didn't know how to plant the potato back.. so he kicked me out of the town but that was my mistake and afterwards i didn't touch his food and i farmed my own wheat afterwards he accepted me.

    next day when i joined the game.. he suddenly put me in the jail..i dont know how.. and reason was that he was "sad".. i didnt take it seriously... and i was like i will let go why complain about little things..

    after few days i made small train railway and he didn't mind riding it... but when i increased the length of the train route he kicked me out of the town??
    there were no rule or anything saying like you cannot edit my house...or he didn't tell me not to do it.. so what is wrong?? or another reason for kicking could be because i increased and edit the trench to boost up the security... remember there was war or something and alpha said to increase the security..

    My stuff are in his town and i can't get it... this kid is really annoying.. i am so pissed off at him..

    note: i didn't know where to put this thread so if its in wrong section please move it where ever u like it thanks.

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