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    Admin/Mod Application [Fantom858]


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    Admin/Mod Application [Fantom858]

    Post  Fantom858 on Sat Dec 29, 2012 7:06 am

    hey Im Dominic [Fantom858] im 19 years old and ive played on ur server before it went down for about a month or 2, i was the one who donated the $100 to ur server before it went down and i had a blast on it. I want to be an admin on ur server because i think that i would be able to help u out and the community, i understand that there are lots of other people probably better suited for this then i am and i also understand that but i tried to become an admin on ur server so i could help, and i know its ur chose to choose me or not, but i do plan on helping u out even if u dont put me as an admin, u can also put me as a mod if u want if u have enough admins on ur server, i understand. once i can start to get the hang of the server and everyone knows who i am again, i will start to donate to ur server again.

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