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    Trusted Application: Falcon980



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    Trusted Application: Falcon980

    Post  Falcon980 on Sun Apr 08, 2012 1:41 am

    Name: (Prefer not to be disclosed)
    Ingame Name: Falcon980
    Age: 20
    Time on Server: Couple of Weeks
    Why do You Want to be Trusted: I will help others and newbies who just bought minecraft so they can start up well in the Server. I will also promote a newbie-friendly Environment that is also suitable for experienced players. Whenever, someone needs help, I will help those people regardless if i need to use my own things. Once I get Trusted, I can become Moderator and even later, Admin. Once I get those powers, I will ban grefiers and kick any spammers.
    Other Thoughts: This server is one of the most user-friendly servers I ever went on. Other servers just say Welcome and leave you alone and the Admins and Mods don't really care about swearing, greifing and other bad things. But this server is different, the Admins and Mods actually care about grefing and other bad incidents. They help other players and give them advice. To simplify it, this server is just Awesome!

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    Re: Trusted Application: Falcon980

    Post  lscarl on Wed Apr 11, 2012 8:37 pm

    This site has been abandoned for a week maybe... Check out our new one http://epicsburg.com/


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