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    Make a Wish Foundation.


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    Make a Wish Foundation.

    Post  papa on Sat Mar 24, 2012 8:01 pm

    Dear lscarl,

    We, the Make a Wish Foundation, have chosen to contact you due to the nature of our program which i am sure that you are familiar with. We have one brave soul in our hands who is currently undergoing surgery to get his testicles back. Were not sure if he is going to make it, but our little angel ,papa, is fighting his best. The Make a Wish Foundation believed his story to be greater and more moving than dolphins having sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation. We came to him in his time of need, to what might be his deathbed, and asked him to do one thing- Make a Wish. He had wished for stupidities such as My little Pony toys, and even went so far as to have sex with Megan Fox, but we talked him out of it because she has toe thumbs. Finally we got him to draw a paper out of a hat to get the whole wish process done alot faster and he unfortunately got the paper saying "You get to be an Admon on Epicsburg the Minecraft server" and he was like WTF is minecraft? but we quickly got him to agree to the wish by saying he gets to be just like an admin except gayer because his names all purple and misspelled. So please Mr Lieutenant Sargent Carl make this little angel's (not angel battise) dream come true.

    The Make a Wish Foundation

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    Re: Make a Wish Foundation.

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