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    Administrator/Moderator Application


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    Administrator/Moderator Application

    Post  HornyWalrus on Wed Jul 13, 2011 2:20 am

    Name:Tyler Trickett

    Ingame name: HornyWalrus (formerly GrilledCheese)


    Time on server:About a month

    Why you want to be an admin?: I would like to be an admin because I feel I can effectively assist with other player's difficulties and problems. I have been around this server for quite a long time and have invested many hours. I know the server Inside and out.

    Other thoughts:Since I live in the Pacific Time Zone I would be on quite a lot when other central/eastern mods are away.

    Thanks for even reading this this server means tons to me and I will continue to play on it no matter what.

    Long Live EpicsBurg

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