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    Admin application [banana]


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    Admin application [banana]

    Post  banana on Tue Jul 12, 2011 8:03 pm

    Name: Logan J.
    Ingame name: banana
    Age: 14 (going to be 15 soon)
    Time on server: 15 - 20 hours a day Razz i'm on all the time! (i've been on the server for a good month)
    Why you want to be an admin?: i love the server! its hard to find a decent server with nice admins and mods. i'd keep people like ZaPy from griefing and harassing other players. zapy kept kicking me for fun Sad (no offense zapy, but you're kind of a dick)
    i want to make the server griefer free! i'm also very organized! i also like to make people laugh
    Other thoughts: ummmm.. yeah ZaPy kind of banned me, so could ya please unban me? i also don't use profanity to much. that zapy thing up there is true you got to admit. i do say crap but that's not a problem is it? i'm also aquanted with most of the people and mods on the server like Xin, Tochu, and sadly, ZaPy_HD. i obviously have the cracked minecraft. i don't try to pretend like i'm someone from shadow of israphel like most idiots out there.

    About me: (extra) people think i have a bad personality but i really don't Razz i'm free spirited! well lets see, i'm originally from london, England but i don't have the accent Razz My favorite mods would be Tochu, Xin, and bum. Those are just my favorites. i like ibitex3, sunday, and zapy to some extent Smile i have a girlfriend named bethanie. i like to joke around Smile i have an xbox360 and i play mostly halo: reach, gow, and cod. I don't get easily angered and i mostly play minecraft all day 'cause i love minecraft! i hate stereotypes and taco bell, (taco bell is good but it gives you diarrhea) i like hard rock and hip hop and benny hill, and i love puppies. the end. flower it's flower man! Flower man says please unban banana

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