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    Donator Perks

    Post  lscarl on Fri Jul 01, 2011 5:02 pm

    PLEASE note all donator ranks are being changed atm

    ONLY TIER 4 IS PERMANENT TIER 1,2,3 ARE MONTHLY! THANK YOU FOR DONATING! By donating you are helping us make the server better and less laggy!
    also note the perks are constantly being updated! If you pay for a vip tier you will get every update that tier gets after you have paid for it so you have nothing to worry about!

    VIP TIER 1 $2.50

    VIP prefix | [VIP] Test: Hey
    10 Diamonds
    Color Signs
    10 extra town blocks

    VIP TIER 2 $5.00

    Everything in Tier 1, and

    15 diamonds
    Custom Name color | [VIP] Test: Hey
    /clear | Clears your inventory
    ability to Create chest shops
    15 extra town blocks

    VIP TIER 3 $15.00

    Everything in Tier 1, and 2
    Ability to /tpa (request to teleport to others)
    Custom Prefix (NO STAFF PREFIXES!)
    /back command | teleports you back to where you died
    30 Diamonds
    /eternal | Makes you never go hungry
    /stack | Stacks all items in your inventory even unstackable ones!
    25 extra town blocks

    VIP TIER 4 $25.00

    Everything in Tier 1,2, and 3
    50 Diamonds
    Ability To Fly
    /heal | To heal yourself
    /wp /warp | /wp to set a warp point and /warp to go back to it (you can set up multiple warp points)
    40 extra town blocks


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