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    Applying for Mod.


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    Applying for Mod.

    Post  Snazytron on Thu Jun 30, 2011 11:27 pm

    Name: Austin
    Ingame name: Snazytron
    Age: 15

    1. I dont know scar that well but i hung out with him and pvped in the arena with him so its a good start he also seems to like me Very Happy

    2.I do know alot of the players and most seem to like me and the other mods seem to like me asweel never had a problem with anyone Smile

    3. Im on all the time Hours apon Hours usally talking on skype with other members or Mods like HeyItsSunday

    I want to be mod because: I devote large amounts of time and put effort into Minecraft servers and other games and so far ive really been attracted to this one more then any other i just want to help Very Happy

    Other Thoughts: I am funny..and not moody straight to the point i hate greifers Smile

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